Swansons Vacuum Reviewed by Jean on May, 03 2013

I have been very happy with my purchases and service. They know their product and will recommend exactly what you need. I use their products in my home and on my cleaning job. They repaired something ""I"" broke in the same day. I love my little Sanitaire portable with the wide floor attachment.You won''t get this quality and service at any Big Box Store!Thank you!

Swansons Vacuum Reviewed by Trudy on January, 28 2013

I have owned a Simplicity vacuum from Swanson's for about 8 years. It works extremely well & I really like the fact that you can use it on floors and attach the hose for all other cleaning. I just purchased the 1st replacement belt and with a dog in the house with a lot of carpet it gets a lot of use.
Everytime, I have been into Swanson's everyone has been very helpful attentive and friendly. Also very prompt on helping with what I wanted and needed.

I would recommend Swanson's & their products to anyone.

Swansons Vacuum Reviewed by Olli on January, 28 2013

I love coming here to Swanson's and you have my vacuum cleaners ready on time and were very friendly and clean. Swanson's has always had my vacuum cleaners, ready on time because I clean houses for a living.


Swansons Vacuum Reviewed by on January, 28 2013

I walked into Swanson's one morning for a new vacuum. I had nothing special in mind, but knew I needed something for hardwood floors, in addition to carpeting. The young man at Swanson'ssuggested a Miele. It was a few more dollars then I had antcipated spending, but definitely worth every dollar. My cleaning lady fell in love with it too! My husband was amazed at how quiet it is! It's definitely the best vacuum I have ever owned hopefully the only kind I'll ever own.

Swansons Vacuum Reviewed by Shawn on January, 28 2013

I purchased an Oxygen Vacuum from Swanson's Discount Vacuums, six months ago. My wife and I absolutely love it. This type of vacuum works great on our hardwood floors and carpet. It is extremely quiet and easy to maneuver around the house. Cleaning has become, easier and more fun! The employees at Swanson's have been very helpful, and supportive in my vacuum purchase and follow up visits.

Swansons Vacuum Reviewed by jack h on January, 15 2013

I love the service here. My vacuuum cleaner is 13 years old now from them. He only sells what you need. Today my belt broke when it got a metal bar caught. He fixed it for the costs of the belt. He says you can get 20 years on the vacuums he recommends. I believe it. Seven to go for my upright.

Swansons Vacuum Reviewed by Merrit A. on January, 15 2013

Swanson's vacuum is located on Sycamore Road across from Applebee's. It has new and used vacuums. They have a wide variety of brands and supplies. They also service vacuums. They also service vaccuums not purchased at their store. They sell bags for just about any brand including Kirby.