Long before “working from home” became widely acceptable in 2020, every President of the United States since 1800 has “worked from home” at The White House. Beginning with President John Adams, the White House has served as the both the official residence and workplace of our nation’s highest office for the last 220 years.

The sprawling Residence consists of 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms, 8 staircases, 6 levels, and 3 elevators. Highly active, The White House has a workforce of nearly 400 working inside and approximately 1.25 million visitors annually.

One can only imagine the enormous scale and high standards that come with cleaning The White House. Fortunately, the highly photographed landmark has captured on several occasions a variety of different vacuum cleaners used to clean The White House. Per a Consumer Reports’ survey, 43% of consumers own two or three vacuums. So it will come as no surprise that The White House always relies on more than one vacuum cleaner.

SEBO Vacuum Cleaners Are Used in The White House

Known for their quality engineering, longevity, and innovative design, SEBO vacuum cleaners are among the most popular commercial vacuum cleaner brands in the world that have also made their way into living rooms across the country.

Sanitaire Vacuum Cleaners in the Oval Office

Since 1972, Sanitaire has been a leader and innovator in the commercial vacuum industry. Sanitaire’s portable machines provide exceptional performance, durability, productivity and cost of ownership for cleaning professionals in the education, hospitality, healthcare and office industries. And yes, that includes the Oval Office too!

Dyson Vacuum

Dyson didn’t invent the vacuum cleaner but they certainly made them more stylish. Style and design aside, they also boast the most powerful suction of any other vacuum cleaner.

Shown here in The White House Press Room, the tight turn radius of the Dyson Ball series vacuums certainly helps to navigate around tight spaces.

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