At least once a day a customer will ask, “what’s the best vacuum cleaner on the market?” If we had to pick one, it would have to be the SEBO Automatic X4 for a variety of reasons.

First of all, it has amazing cleaning power, the best air filtration, and the best durability that you’re going to find in a vacuum that works on all surfaces. Many upright vacuum cleaners claim to work on carpeting and bare floor. They may do one or the other but rarely can they do both well. SEBO actually works exceptionally well on all surfaces.


The durability of the SEBO Automatic X4 is unparalleled. Constructed with football helmet ABS type plastics, this vacuum can withstand the weight of a grown man standing on it. Not that we recommend using your SEBO vacuum as a step stool, but we certainly never try this with any other vacuum cleaner in the store.

Powerful Motor

The SEBO Automatic X4 is powered by a commercial grade, 12 amp, high air flow industrial double fan motor. The 12 amp motor is covered by a 10-year motor warranty and the vacuum cleaner itself has a five-year “bumper-to-bumper” warranty. That’s the best warranty in the industry.

Air Filtration

If allergies are a concern, SEBO offers S Grade Hospital air filtration. This is a level of air filtration that is actually better than HEPA air filtration. The SEBO Automatic X4 is very efficient at maintaining a suction power. Typical bag system vacuum cleaners will use a four inch pre-filter underneath the bag. Always going above and beyond, SEBO instead uses a 12-inch cylinder filter to the side of the bag. What this does is help keep the bag off the pre-filter so you do not lose any suction power as the bag fills up. This allows the vacuum cleaner to maintain it’s suction power until the bag is fully topped off.

Premium Cord

With a 40 foot cord, you can cover a lot of ground quickly, which is especially useful in a commercial setting. And in true SEBO fashion, we are reminded that not all vacuum cleaner cords are the same. A typical vacuum cleaner cord very rigid and very stiff, and in a few years they start to crack and get knotted up. By comparison, SEBO’s have a fully rubberized cord that is very pliable. It’s more expensive to make but it lasts you is much longer and you won’t get the knots that you typically get with a regular vacuum cleaner cord.

SEBO Automatic X4 Height Adjustment

As the name implies, Automatic X4 has automatic height adjustment. Most vacuum cleaners who claim to have an automatic height adjustment simply mean that there’s no adjustment at all. SEBO actually has an electronic servo motor that measures the speed of the roller and adjusts the brush roller height accordingly. There are indicator lights on the vacuum head that tell the users when the machine is lowering or raising itself. When the vacuum reaches the proper height, the light goes off. Voila! You’re ready to vacuum!

On hard floors, most upright vacuum cleaners are going to be kicking debris behind the vacuum. As you can see in the photos, the SEBO Automatic X4 misses nothing.

Rolling over to carpet, the vacuum will automatically raise itself back up. We do not have to wait until the vacuum is fully adjusted to start backing. For demonstration purposes, we used synthetic pet hair, one of the biggest concerns of our customers. As the photo demonstrates, the SEBO has absolutely no problem with it.

This vacuum also works well on shag carpets or the softer carpets that are on the market today, that will pretty much shut down any other vacuum cleaner.

Full-Size Attachments

They also come with a full set of full-size attachments. Most uprights will give you dinky little attachments. these are full-size tools. Within reach, we have our duster brush, a wand, a full-size crevice tool and a full-size upholstery tool.

If you’ve ever been in a hospital and noticed the maid or custodian service, more than likely you’ve seen this vacuum. These are used in thousands of hospitals across the United States because of the air filtration, because of the durability, and because of the noise levels.

Easy Repairs, Modular Design, Belt Protection

A key feature in commercial type settings is the ability to access the brush roller. Most vacuum cleaners, require a tool box to access the brush roller. With SEBO, it’s a very simple process. Just push one little button on the top, remove the end cap, and the brush roll cork screws out. The user can clean or replace the brush roller without paying any service fees.

Another key feature of the SEBO Automatic X4 is the ability to check for clogs. If you get a napkin or a paper towel lodged, there is no need for service. Just open the bottom door and you can retrieve 90% of your clogs. Cleaning services love this vacuum cleaner because they can service it themselves. From removing the brush roller to clearing clogs in the blockage port.

The SEBO Automatic X4 is very modular. You can easily break down the machine like MacGyver. At most points of a vacuum cleaner’s life, we have to change the belt. But SEBO has a lifetime belt warranty with built-in belt protection. The belt will never break or stretch. In the event we accidentally pick up a sock, towel or throw rug, the vacuum will shut itself down. An indicator light will tell us to check the brush so we that we know there’s an issue. Now, it’s just a matter of removing the obstruction, turning the machine off, and then turning it back on.

Try the SEBO Automatic X4

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