Swanson’s Discount Vacuum has special holiday prices with closeout discounts on a variety of vacuum cleaners.  Be sure to check in-store on a daily basis, because inventory is constantly moving in and moving out.

Pixie Bagless Vacuum, $49

The first holiday special is the Pixie by Simplicity. The Pixie is a corded electric broom that can be used for both light carpet cleaning and hard floor cleaning. It’s a bagless unit so you’re going to take the filtered cup off to easily dump the cup. The Pixie is normally $99 but we have them on closeout pricing for just $50 while supplies last.

Miele Robot, $299

Our next special is the Miele Robot. This is the last Miele Robot that we have in-stock. A simple search online and you will find the Miele Robot selling on places like Amazon for $599. But at Swanson’s, we have the closeout price of just $299. 

Riccar R60 Bagless Broom Vacuum, $99

And finally, the Riccar R60 Bagless Broom Vacuum is on sale. The Ricar broom vacuum is designed for hard floors. After a quick inspection, you will notice there is no rotary brush. This is what we call an electric broom. Years ago these, were very popular and for good reason. With its super long 30 foot cord, you can quickly clean an entire room with hard flooring in no time. This vacuum normally sells for $179.99 but we probably have two dozen of these in stock for only $99.

For these special holiday prices and more, be sure to check in with us daily for the best deals that you won’t find on our website but in-store only. Swanson’s Discount Vacuum is located at 7507 North 2nd Street in Machesney Park, Illinois. We’re open Monday through Saturday from 9am to 5pm. Our phone number is 815-282-2882.