Central vacuum service and sales have been a central part of Swanson’s Discount Vacuum for almost 40 years. The experienced staff at Swanson’s can service basically every component on any central vacuum system. Regardless of the brand of central vacuum, we can either provide in-home service or you can bring it to us to repair in-store.

Central Vacuum Systems & Parts In-Stock

We readily stock every part and piece you will need for your central vacuum system such as pipe, tubing, and all the different types of fittings. We stock accessories including upholstery tools, crevice tools, hose socks (a cover which goes over the hose) and more. Attachments including individual hard floor tools, carpet tools, and rotary tools for doing your stairs and furniture are all available at Swanson’s. Another product we carry that is quickly growing in popularity are central vacuums with high capacity disposable bags – more on those later!

Central Vacuum Brands

With regards to brand, Swanson’s Discount Vacuum has been the sole Beam central vacuum dealer in the greater Rockford area for about 12 years. Swanson’s stocks four different models of Beam central vacuums, ranging from from small, clear up to gigantic. On display in our showroom is the latest edition Beam unit rated for about 7,500 square feet. We have a variety of tool kits to accompany your central vacuum system, regularly carrying four to five different types of tool kits ranging anywhere from about $200 up to about $700 in cost. We even carry speciality kits just for your garage as well as kits just for your hard floors that are under $200.

Made in America

The other brand of central vacuum that we carry at Swanson’s is the HP Element. HP is a company that is based in Canton, Ohio and their Element central vacuums are proudly assembled in the U.S.A. in Canton, Ohio. They are also one of the oldest central vacuum manufacturers, having started in the 1950s. At Swanson’s, we give you your choice as we have three versions of their machines in stock, from a mid-size unit clear up to a big unit.

Central Vacuum Dust Bags

One of the unique things with HP is they make the DB series, which is the dust bag series. Instead of your dirt going into a bucket that you’re later exposed to when the bucket comes off, with the DB series, the dirt is actually going into a giant HEPA bag system. The HEPA bag also has a pull tab, allowing you to seal closed the bag so that you’re not exposed to the dirt. When the bag is full, you just throw it away and replace it. You can fill these bags virtually full. For the average person, they will probably go through between two to three of these dust bags each year.

In a side-by-side comparison between the HP Element and the Beam, you can see how much larger the dirt bucket is for the HP versus a standard Beam dirt bucket. It’s about twice the size and when you consider that a bag is compacting, you make even better use of your capacity.

Central Vacuum Installation

We can intermingle anything from doing replacement units if your unit is just worn out to new construction and retrofitting into existing homes. Estimates are always free. If you know your square footage and the type of flooring you have, you can come by the store and talk about some equipment and actually give you a real firm price on what it would actually cost to install in an existing home or a new construction house.

Where We Service & Install Central Vacuums

That’s just a side of our business that a lot of people did not realize that we actually do. For us, we service all central vacuums and all portable vacuums and we’re doing it from everywhere from the Janesville and Madison, Wisconsin area, clear down to the Sterling and Rock Falls, Illinois area.

Swanson’s Discount Vacuum is open Monday-Saturday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM CT at 7507 N Second Street, Machesney Park, IL 61115. Or to schedule a house appointment, call us at 815-282-2882.