We commonly talk about our “price match guarantee” but we seldom talk about “The Swanson’s Price.”

When you step into our showroom, it’s not uncommon to find vacuum cleaners with better prices than the online stores. These are prices that are too low for print or online publication. These are what we call “The Swanson’s Price.”

Somewhere over the last 10-15 years, Amazon and other online retailers have come to be viewed as the gold standard. Customers always request the “Amazon price” or to have it delivered as quickly as “Prime shipping.”

But as Brent points on in this story, Amazon is not always the standard. In fact, local customers will come to discover that Swanson’s has a distinct advantage over the online retailers.

Take the story about this SEBO Automatic X4 as an example. Over the telephone, a customer confirmed that we had the vacuum he was looking for in-stock and confirmed that we would “match Amazon’s price.” Upon arrival to the showroom, his jaw dropped to discover “The Swanson’s Price” was $70 below that of Amazon! After a little fun and joking about matching Amazon’s price, the customer proudly took home his SEBO vacuum at “The Swanson’s Price.”

What’s more, Amazon could not ship the SEBO X4 for 5-7 business days. This customer, from phone call, to showroom, to transaction, had his SEBO vacuum from Swanson’s in about 90 minutes time.

Let this be a lesson to not settle for what you find online. But dig a little deeper locally, and you might be surprised how much time and money you can save.