The HomeCare version of the C3 is Miele’s full-size machine. It’s serves as Miele’s flagship and this particular model is a Swanson’s favorite, primarily because it allows you to customize it and buy it the way you want it.

On-Board Tools

The machine itself is going to come as the C3 body. You get all the upholstery, dusting, and crevice tools and attachments that are securely stored in the trunk. They’re not going to fall off if you’re carrying up the steps or when in use. You also get Miele’s flexible crevice tool, normally an optional attachment that comes packed in the box, as well as their universal brush which is ideal for woodwork, blinds and ceiling fans. It turns in different angles so it makes it especially easy easy to clean crown moldings. These are conveniently packed in the box, which are normally optional tools.

You have an electric hose electric wand and Miele’s best hard floor tool which is a combination tool.

Power Head Options

With the HomeCare version of the Miele C3, the vacuum does not come packed with a power head. Instead, we let you select the power head that’s best for you.

The 217 power head is recommended for people that have very little carpet – primarily low cut, if any. The brushroll height is non-adjustable, so it’s a very gentle, non-aggressive brush.

The 228 power head is one of the most popular heads. This comes standard with a lot of Miele’s machines, for instance, the Cat and Dog version of the C3, and the Kona version of the C3 to name a few. With the 228 power head, we now have five height adjustments and handle release levers. This is an all around very good head.

Miele’s best head is the 236 power head. This head still gives us the five height adjustments, providing a very aggressive brushing system. With the 236, we now have an LED headlight system, so if you’re going underneath furniture or under the bed, it will illuminate any dark spaces. The 236 head also has a power switch, so when you lower the handle to vacuum it’s going to turn the head on. Likewise, when you raise the handle, it will shut the head off.

Again, with the Miele C3 HomeCare, it’s all about customizing the vacuum to suit your needs. There is about a $40-50 difference between each power head. So if you have really light cleaning with very little carpet, you may select the 217 power head. And if you have heavier carpet, frieze, a shaggier carpet, or ultra plush carpets which are super super dense, the adjustable power heads – either the 228 or the 236 – are what’s really going to be needed for that style of carpet. The lower profile of the 236 power head is desired if you’re going underneath furniture. The levers on the 228 stick up a little bit higher than the contoured levers on the 236, giving you a little lower profile.

In the showroom at Swanson’s, we’re selling more of the 236 power head with the 228 coming in second. We sell a few of the 217’s but not a lot. Just remember there’s only a $40-50 cost differential as you take the next step up.

HEPA Filtration

Miele’s products offer some of the best filtration on the market. It is a sealed HEPA unit, which means when the dirt comes into this vacuum cleaner, it’s going into a HEPA bag system. There is a safety filter behind the bag system and then the air is circulated and put through a HEPA system that’s sealed to the machine. So when you put all of these components together and shut the lid, the air that’s coming out of this vacuum is HEPA clean. There are very few vacuum cleaners on the market that achieve that level of HEPA filtration. Most vacuums today have a HEPA filter but not all the air is being directed through, often times leaking in other spots. So for a person that does have allergies and is concerned about mold, spores, viruses and these types of things, at least whatever you’re picking up and filtering through this machine will come out 99.9% clean.

Adjustable Motor Speed

When you turn the main on or off switch for the vacuum cleaner, you’re going to notice the illumination of the motor speed indicator lights. Here, you’re able to change the speed of the motor so we can have a very gentle suction if we’re cleaning something delicate, such as drapes. Or we can turn the motor speed up for maximum power of the machine. Most people are going to want the most suction power they can have, but in some cases, depending on what you’re cleaning, it might not handle all of the power, so you have the ability to control it.

Clean the Hard to Reach Spots

A canister vacuum is about the only machine you can buy on the market that is going to allow you to clean everything in the house. When you connect your hose to the machine, your power plan is active so you can do attachment cleaning of stairs, furniture and edges. Any of your tools are going to fit directly on the handle, so if we wanted to clean between the fridge and the counter cabinets, dryer vents or heating ducts. Going one step further, you can put your telescopic extension pipe on any of your attachments. This is ideal if we wanted to clean a 10-foot ceiling. You may choose to use the universal brush, which now you can easily reach the 10-foot ceilings with the vacuum safely still on the floor. I have reach to go and have a soft natural bristle brush that is going to dust ceiling fans, cabinetry, and crown molding.

The Best Hard Floor Tool

If we’re cleaning hard floors or just say a small area rug, the floor tool is what we would use. The suction is channeled into a very tight area, so even something as heavy as a coin will be picked up off the floor. The bristles around the nozzle are going to give you a dusting action, and agitate the surface if something is a little more stuck to the floor, you can stir that dust up and allow it to channel into the suction. These suction vents go all the way out to the edge so even if you have dog hair up against the baseboards, it’s going to pull it right in with no problem.

On the top of this nozzle, we have a lever that retracts the bristle. So if we wanted to clean a small area rug or an entry mat, we can simply go from our hard floor setting right to our low cut carpet setting. There’s no agitation but you have a tremendous amount of suction that’s being channeled directly to the floor. For uh certain types of mats or rugs, this may actually work better than the electric power head.

All-Wheel Swivel

One of the biggest obstacles for people with a canister vacuum and the number one concern we hear, is they don’t want something to pull behind them. The unique feature of a Miele is that all of its wheels swivel. So no matter where you’re at, the vacuum can react without tipping over. Most canister vacuums have big back wheels and then a swivel in the front, which means if you go to move them, you may cause the machine to tip over. That is simply not the case with the all-wheel swivel of the Miele C3.

LED Headlight & Indicator

When we turn the vacuum on, the 236 power head is going to come on when we lower the nozzle so you see the led headlights. It also has an indicator here on the top which is a reset switch so if you picked up a sock or edge of a throw rug, that light instead of being yellow is going to illuminate red and it’s going to stop the power head. You then have to remove whatever object you’ve got caught, and just push the the button that’s illuminated and that will reset the head

German Engineering & Attention to Detail

With Miele and the other German companies, everything is highly engineered. So your hose system swivels 360-degrees and you also have a pivot swivel which allows you maximum control with less hand movement.

The wands are stainless steel and they adjust to the height that’s comfortable for you. You may not think that you’ll use it on it’s tallest setting, but if you needed to go farther underneath the bed, you’ll be able to extend it out and reach easily under a queen-size bed from one side. The telescopic wand slides very, very easy with the push a small button back on the back of the wand.

The Germans touch everything from your dusting brush, which looks like a normal dusting brush, but has natural bristles so it’s furniture safe and this tool also turns and creates angles so that you can get the full surface of the brush onto whatever surface you’re cleaning.

Quality & HomeCare Exclusive Warranty

Quality is second to none on the Miele C3 HomeCare machine. They warranty the body, in the housing, and the motor of this machine for 10 years. The entire vacuum cleaner, from the wand, the cord retractor, the hose, all carries a five-year warranty. This is only available on the HomeCare series of vacuums for Miele. The HomeCare series of vacuums are only sold through warranty stations like Swanson’s Discount Vacuum. It’s simply the best that Miele makes. By having the choice of power heads and being able to build the vacuum cleaner the way you want, it’s been our best seller the last couple years. Depending on how you set it up, the estimated in-store only price ranges anywhere from only $849-937.* That is the Swanson’s price and that’s strictly depending on whether you buy the small nozzle the medium nozzle or Miele’s best nozzle.

Go for a Test Drive

We have these units in stock at Swanson’s Discount Vacuum. We are located at 7507 North Second Street in Machesney Park, Illinois. Our hours currently are 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Saturday. Stop in and take the Miele C3 HomeCare for a test drive.

*Price is current as of December 2020 but may vary overtime.