Contrary to the snow on the ground, Spring Cleaning really is just around the corner!

No, Seriously: Our clocks spring ahead one-hour this Sunday ⏰ (March 12, 2023).

Time To Plan: Here are 3 ideas to get you “Ready, Set, Go!” for spring cleaning.

#1. Rent a Carpet Shampooer for Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning with the Bissell Big Green Shampooer

This is a Bissell carpet shampooer.

But look closer and you’ll see…

A machine that can:
– make carpet appear years newer.
– eliminate carpet odors.
– save you money, when compared to replacing your carpet. 💰
– also be used to clean your furniture and stairs with extra attachments.

No Excuses: Stop living with (or skillfully arranging furniture over) those stains!

Rent: 24 Hours for $29.95 with a complimentary quart of shampoo!

#2. Cleaning The Vacuum Cleaner

Before and After Photos of a Brush Roll Once Entangled With Hair

Don’t just clean with the vacuum.

Instead, actually clean the vacuum

….and if you don’t want to, we will.

Cleaning/Tunes-Up Services: Starting at only $39.95 for vacuums or shampooers.

…and if your machine requires extra service, we can provide a free repair estimate.

From one-day repairs to 100% free estimates, we make maintenance & repairs easy!

Because we stock over 20,000 parts in-stock, your vacuum doesn’t sit on a shelf waiting for parts. Once you approve the repairs, we get to work!

Is it time to part ways with your vacuum and upgrade to a new one? We recycle used vacuums!

Deep Thought 💭: To improve your spring cleaning, you must first improve your vacuum cleaner.

#3. Use An Air Purifier

Allergy Season Ahead

Spring brings warm air, blooming plants, and allergy season!

Don’t “accept” or “live with” your current indoor air quality. 

Do something about it!

Swing into Swanson’s and ask about our clinically proven air purifiers from Austin Air Systems.

Get your spring cleaning efforts underway today. Visit Swanson’s Discount Vacuum at 7507 N Second Street, Machesney Park, Illinois 61115. Or call 815-282-2882.