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Grand Prize

Window Cleaning 2-Pack

Cleaning with blue mystery sprays and mountains of paper towels makes us uneasy, too. That’s why there’s the E-Cloth Window Cleaning Pack. It’s all you need for sparkling windows and shiny surfaces. Just dampen the Window Cloth and wipe. Then follow with the dry Glass & Polishing Cloth, erasing streaks for a perfect finish. Masses of microscopic fibers in the waffle-weave Window Cloth grab grime, dust, and more from smooth surfaces like windows and mirrors, as well as frames and sills — and they don’t let go until rinsed. Generously sized, the Cloth swiftly handles even large windows with just a quick rinse or two. Next comes the microfiber Glass & Polishing Cloth, our secret to a satisfying, streak-free finish. Just wipe — and admire the results. Made to toss in the laundry instead of a landfill, our Window Cleaning Pack is backed by our 3-year or 300-wash guarantee.

Includes: 1 Window Cleaning Pack

Stainless Steel Cleaning 2-Pack

All you need to keep stainless steel looking as good as its name, this E-Cloth pack includes 1 Stainless Steel Cloth and 1 Glass & Polishing Cloth. Masses of premium microfibers harness water’s cleaning power to grab grime, fingerprints, and over 99% of bacteria — using just water. There’s no need for messy pastes, single-use wipes, or sprays that could linger in the air you breathe. The cleaning cloth has two sides — striped for brushed stainless steel and solid for polished stainless steel. Just dampen and wipe. Then follow with the Glass & Polishing Cloth to absorb moisture, water spots, and streaks, restoring a like-new finish with just a few swipes. Rinse cloths between uses. Toss in the laundry — not a landfill — to refresh. Guaranteed to last for 3 years or 300 washes, the E-Cloth Stainless Steel Cleaning Pack helps you cross paper towels and additional cleaners off your shopping list for good.

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