Vacuum Tune Up Special!

Vacuum Tune Up Special!

Get your vacuum or shampooer cleaned and serviced and save $10 off a basic or full clean and service.

Service includes complete inspection of belts, brushes, gaskets, electrical components and more. Also includes any necessary cleaning or adjustments to restore lost cleaning performance.

Offer valid through 03/31/24

Print this page or mention offer code TU0324

5 Reasons to Buy a Miele C3 Vacuum Cleaner

5 Reasons to Buy a Miele C3 Vacuum Cleaner

1. Powerful suction: Miele C3 vacuum cleaners have powerful suction that can pick up even the smallest particles of dirt and dust. This makes them ideal for homes with pets, allergies, or other dust-sensitive individuals.

2. HEPA filtration: Miele C3 vacuum cleaners come with HEPA filtration, which traps 99.97% of allergens and pollutants. This helps to keep your home’s air clean and healthy.

3. Versatility: Miele C3 vacuum cleaners are versatile and can be used on a variety of surfaces, including carpets, hardwood floors, and rugs. They also come with a variety of attachments that make them perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach places.

4. Durability: Miele C3 vacuum cleaners are built to last. They are made with high-quality materials and construction, and they come with a long warranty.

5. Ease of use: Miele C3 vacuum cleaners are easy to use. They are lightweight and maneuverable, and they have intuitive controls.

Overall, Miele C3 vacuum cleaners are a great choice for anyone looking for a powerful, versatile, and durable vacuum cleaner. They are also a good option for people with allergies or other dust-sensitive individuals.

BONUS: Here are some additional reasons why you might want to consider buying a Miele C3 vacuum cleaner!

  • They are backed by a 5-year warranty on parts and labor.
  • They are made in Germany, which is known for its high standards of manufacturing.
  • They are relatively quiet, so you won’t have to worry about disturbing your family or neighbors while you’re vacuuming.
  • They are available in a variety of colors and styles to match your décor.

If you’re looking for a high-quality vacuum cleaner that will last for years to come, then a Miele C3 is a great option.

What To Do With Old Vacuum Cleaners

What To Do With Old Vacuum Cleaners

A common household item that often goes unnoticed, but holds potential for both repair and recycling, is the old vacuum cleaner. Whether it has been replaced over time, suffered a broken part, or was originally a low-end model, your old vacuum cleaner has reached a critical juncture. In this blog post, we’ll explore two options offered by Swanson’s Discount Vacuum that will help you make the most of your old vacuum cleaner – repair or recycle.

Repair Your Vacuum

If you’re curious about revitalizing your old vacuum cleaner, Swanson’s Discount Vacuum provides free repair estimates. We believe in complete transparency, and our detailed itemized breakdown will give you a clear understanding of the total cost for parts and services. The repair process won’t commence until you give us the go-ahead, putting you in control.

Once you decide to proceed with a repair, our skilled technicians spring into action. With an extensive inventory of over 20,000 parts, Swanson’s Discount Vacuum is well-equipped to repair almost any type of vacuum cleaner. In fact, we strive to complete most repairs within a day, ensuring prompt and efficient service that exceeds your expectations.

Recycle Your Vacuum

In cases where your old vacuum cleaner is beyond repair, too costly to maintain, or simply no longer needed, throwing it away is not the solution. Swanson’s Discount Vacuum is committed to responsible recycling and offers this service to our customers free of charge. Simply drop off your old vacuum, and we’ll take care of the recycling process on your behalf.

Did you know that nearly 90% of a typical vacuum cleaner is recyclable? By choosing to recycle with Swanson’s, you contribute to a more sustainable future. Instead of consigning your old vacuum to the landfill, where it will only add to environmental concerns, opt for a greener solution that comes at no cost to you.


When faced with an old vacuum cleaner, don’t dismiss it as useless. Swanson’s Discount Vacuum presents two viable options: repair or recycle. With free repair estimates and fast turnaround times, we’ll breathe new life into your vacuum. And if repair is not feasible, our recycling service ensures that your old vacuum cleaner doesn’t end up in a landfill, but instead becomes part of a sustainable cycle. Make the environmentally conscious choice at Swanson’s Discount Vacuum today.

CleanMax CMP-3QD Is The Vacuum for Heavy-Duty Cleaning

CleanMax CMP-3QD Is The Vacuum for Heavy-Duty Cleaning

Looking for a vacuum that can handle even the toughest cleaning tasks? Look no further than the CleanMax Pro-Series Quik-Draw Vacuum available at Swanson’s Discount Vacuum. Built with metal components throughout the high-wear areas of the machine, this vacuum is built to last.

Efficient Cleaning Power

The CleanMax Pro-Series Quik-Draw Vacuum features a 10 Amp 2-Stage Motor and a HEPA Media Filtration system, making it highly efficient. With a noise level of less than 70 dBA, it is LEED qualifying and has earned the Carpet & Rug Institute Silver Seal of Approval.

What is LEED Qualifying?

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program was developed by the U.S. Green Building Council to promote sustainable construction and maintenance practices for homes and other buildings. One way to earn credits towards a LEED building rating is by using a LEED-qualifying vacuum cleaner.

To be considered LEED-qualifying, vacuum cleaners must meet certain criteria, including having a CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) seal of approval, rubber bumpers, and an ergonomic design that minimizes noise and vibration. However, the primary consideration is the vacuum’s ability to improve indoor air quality through effective filtration.

By using a LEED-qualifying vacuum cleaner, building owners can contribute to a healthier and more sustainable indoor environment for occupants. The use of such vacuum cleaners aligns with the goals of the LEED program, which seeks to reduce the environmental impact of buildings while promoting the health and well-being of those who use them

Advanced Filtration System

The CleanMax CMP-3QD captures up to 99.97% of dust, pollen, and other allergens, ensuring that your home or business is not only clean but also healthy.

Versatile Cleaning Capabilities

The Quik-Draw model comes with on-board tools and an extendable wand. So hard-to-reach areas are easier to clean with a 12 foot cleaning reach. An automatic height adjustment system, metal brushroll with ball bearings, and 14-inch nozzle with a riveted bumper guard make it a versatile cleaning tool.

Excellent Customer Service

As a local business, Swanson’s Discount Vacuum provides excellent customer service. Our sales and service staff receive months of training and are always ready to answer your questions. Our goal is to help you find the right vacuum cleaner for your specific needs.

Unbeatable Performance

At Swanson’s Discount Vacuum, we stand behind the CleanMax CMP-3QD. We’re confident that once you try it, you’ll be amazed by its power and performance. With its advanced features and unparalleled performance, the CleanMax CMP-3QD is the ultimate cleaning solution for homes and businesses alike.

So visit Swanson’s Discount Vacuum and try out the CleanMax CMP-3QD today. With its unbeatable cleaning power, versatile capabilities, and advanced filtration system, this vacuum cleaner is the ultimate cleaning solution for any space.

Spring Cleaning: 3 Tips For Better Results

Spring Cleaning: 3 Tips For Better Results

Contrary to the snow on the ground, Spring Cleaning really is just around the corner!

No, Seriously: Our clocks spring ahead one-hour this Sunday ⏰ (March 12, 2023).

Time To Plan: Here are 3 ideas to get you “Ready, Set, Go!” for spring cleaning.

#1. Rent a Carpet Shampooer for Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning with the Bissell Big Green Shampooer

This is a Bissell carpet shampooer.

But look closer and you’ll see…

A machine that can:
– make carpet appear years newer.
– eliminate carpet odors.
– save you money, when compared to replacing your carpet. 💰
– also be used to clean your furniture and stairs with extra attachments.

No Excuses: Stop living with (or skillfully arranging furniture over) those stains!

Rent: 24 Hours for $29.95 with a complimentary quart of shampoo!

#2. Cleaning The Vacuum Cleaner

Before and After Photos of a Brush Roll Once Entangled With Hair

Don’t just clean with the vacuum.

Instead, actually clean the vacuum

….and if you don’t want to, we will.

Cleaning/Tunes-Up Services: Starting at only $39.95 for vacuums or shampooers.

…and if your machine requires extra service, we can provide a free repair estimate.

From one-day repairs to 100% free estimates, we make maintenance & repairs easy!

Because we stock over 20,000 parts in-stock, your vacuum doesn’t sit on a shelf waiting for parts. Once you approve the repairs, we get to work!

Is it time to part ways with your vacuum and upgrade to a new one? We recycle used vacuums!

Deep Thought 💭: To improve your spring cleaning, you must first improve your vacuum cleaner.

#3. Use An Air Purifier

Allergy Season Ahead

Spring brings warm air, blooming plants, and allergy season!

Don’t “accept” or “live with” your current indoor air quality. 

Do something about it!

Swing into Swanson’s and ask about our clinically proven air purifiers from Austin Air Systems.

Get your spring cleaning efforts underway today. Visit Swanson’s Discount Vacuum at 7507 N Second Street, Machesney Park, Illinois 61115. Or call 815-282-2882.

Miele Triflex |  The Cordless Vacuum That Does Everything Better

Miele Triflex | The Cordless Vacuum That Does Everything Better

When Miele introduced the Triflex cordless vacuum cleaner a couple of years ago, they clearly did their research. And in typical Miele fashion, they take every aspect of the vacuum cleaner one step further than the competition.

With the Triflex, Miele’s German engineering is on full display. Sporting a versatile 3-in-1 design, the Triflex proves to be a powerful cordless vacuum that fits seamlessly inside the Miele ecosystem – for example, the attachments for your Miele C1 canister can be used on your Triflex!

Three Different Models of Miele Triflex

The Miele Triflex comes in several different versions. The white and gray version is their base model. The red one is the Home Care version. And the black one is the Cat and Dog version. The vacuum itself is all the same. There’s no physical difference as they all have the same power, same brush and same filter, with a few added features across the models.

Base version, Home Care, Cat and Dog (Left to Right)

How the Miele Triflex “Stands Up” Against The Competition

One of Miele Triflex’s unique qualities when compared to Dyson or any of the other rechargeable stick type vacuum is that it can stand up by itself. Miele has clearly done their research and surveyed the rechargeable landscape, and looking for ways to improve. For instance, Dyson is an extremely popular rechargeable vacuum – primarily because it’s a decent performing machine with a lot of marketing behind it. Miele is a great performing machine with a great reputation of the Miele name, and it also interacts with the other Miele equipment – which we’ll explain in more detail later. The basics of the machine is by being freestanding you can keep it anywhere. It could be in your kitchen, your closet, or your living room and if you have a quick mess to pick up, this is quick alternative to your regular plugin vacuum.

Double The Run Time

On the handle of the machine are three speeds. There is an off position, a one speed, a two speed, and a third highest speed. A lot of users want to go to the highest speed so they have the most power. But on battery operated equipment, you have to remember that the highest speed is also consuming the most battery. This means you will have a shorter battery run time. So if you can do what the job requires on the low speed, you’ll almost double your battery run time. Miele’s battery is one of the only ones that we know of that is actually not made in China as it’s made in Germany.

Washable Dust Cup and Filters

The dirt will go into the dust cup, where the filter is also located. A little turn of the lid allows the dust cup to come off. Then when you turn the lid a little further (do this over the trash can) it’s going to open so that you can dump the dirt. And when it’s time for cleaning, just keep turning and the filter cartridge can be removed.

The filter cartridge basically is entirely washable. We recommend you don’t wash the HEPA filter. You will want to dry clean it, tap it against the trash can or vacuum it with your Miele vacuum. But the rest of the filter assembly is completely washable. This includes the pre-screen, which is the outside piece and your micro filter which is the inside piece. These are both washable. Just make sure to let them dry completely before you put it back together and resume cleaning.

The Miele Triflex is very simple and very easy to maintain because everything is individual pieces that come away from the machine. We find through the service side of our business that people are dumping the containers and some are even cleaning their filter but they’re not cleaning the pre-screens and the rest of it because they don’t know how to get it apart. That’s something that Miele has fixed well.

Brush Roll Maintenance

On the bottom of the Miele Triflex is a rotary brush for your carpet. These brushes are completely hard floor safe so they can be used on any type of hard floor. The Miele Triflex has rubber wheels on the front and rubber wheels on the back, so the machine is really rolling on those rubber wheels when you’re on a hard surface. And when you’re on carpet, the brush is going to have the agitation ability.

Anybody with long hair knows that hair is going to wrap around this brush roller. But what Miele has done is incorporated a simple cleaning system. The brush comes out very easily. So if you are a pet owner or have long hair, you will want to remove the bearing – no tools required – because hair will get wrapped around the bearing. It needs to be removed periodically but is very simple to do. When you’re done cleaning the roller, it’ll slide in basically just as easy as it comes apart. It’s very form-fitting, so everything will slide, snap, and latch back together. The brush is also replaceable, so if you ever wear the brush down, it’s very simple to replace. We stock replacement brush rolls in our inventory.

Pro System Charging

Miele makes what they call the pro system. The Pro System comes with two batteries so you can charge and have two batteries ready to go. Just simply swap batteries out from one to the other and continue going. It’s pretty easy to get about 30 minutes of constant run time if you run this on low speed. But again, if you’re going to flip it up on high, you’re going to experience about 15 minutes of run time. That makes having a second battery even more beneficial.

Miele Triflex Transforms for Multipurpose Cleaning

A big win for Miele is that Triflex stands up on its own but that’s not all it does. This machine actually transforms. The Miele Triflex can become a hand vacuum for stairs or furniture with the rotary brush. If we want to take the rotary brush off, we can put the wand in place and that allows us the reach to go underneath the beds. With the tool kit that comes with the Mieles, you’re going to have an upholstery tool, a crevice tool, and a dusting brush. So if I wanted to use the dusting brush, with my reach, I can clean 10 foot ceilings and chase cobwebs. So basically you have a hand vacuum, a stick vacuum, and a stand-up vacuum that can very easily be converted.

Miele Triflex Home Care

The Home Care series is available in-store only. It has have a three year warranty, while the standard warranty on a Triflex from Miele is two years. Also, Miele’s warranty does cover the batteries.

Miele Triflex Cat and Dog

The cat and dog version is exactly like the white one we’ve been demonstrating with all the same features. However, it does have with two added features. The Cat and Dog includes a headlight in the front that illuminates and you also have a smaller version of the rotary head okay so for stairs, furniture and upholstery.

Miele Triflex Pro Pack

The Pro Pack is Miele’s top dog. It is the same as all of the other Triflex vacuums but it does come with two charging systems and two batteries which again allows you to double your run time, so to speak, just by changing out a battery which is quite simple.

Seamless Integration Within the Miele Family of Vacuums

As with all Miele equipment, we do stock Triflex accessories. We stock batteries, we stock the turbine driven hand tool. So let’s say you wanted the additional hand tool but you wanted to buy the basic version. We can combine those and make that work any way you want to do it. If you are a current Miele owner of let’s say one of their canister vacuums, any of the tools on the Miele canister will also work on any of the Triflex. So if we wanted to use say our combination tool from our canister or you would like this tool and you don’t have a Miele canister, you can buy this tool and now this gives you a non-rotating head, a little bit more swivel or pivotability, and it’s channeling the suction into a tighter area. So the versatility is just non-stop with Miele.


Triflex has been out for a couple years now and we’ve experienced very very little warranty claim. Overall it’s a huge winner. They’ve done a fantastic job of including it in the Miele family and like Miele always does, they look at survey the landscape, they see what everybody’s done pretty well, and then they just do it one step better.

Holiday Specials 2022 | Door Buster Vacuum Deals!

Holiday Specials 2022 | Door Buster Vacuum Deals!

‘Tis The Season For Savings!

Brent of Swanson’s Discount Vacuum previews four holiday specials in a quick, 5-minute video.

Holiday Specials

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lithium Ion Cordless Pet Hand Vacuum
On Sale: $79.95
Watch Video 🎥

Hoover ONEPWR Blade+ Cordless Stick Vacuum
On Sale: $210.95
(List Price: $299.95)
Watch Video 🎥

Simplicity S65S Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
On Sale: $249.95
(List Price: $299.95)
Watch Video 🎥

Simplicity S65P Cordless Vacuum Cleaner w/ 2 Batteries
On Sale: In-Store Only Price of $381.95
(List Price: $499.95)
Watch Video 🎥

What’s the Right Vacuum Cleaner for Me?

What’s the Right Vacuum Cleaner for Me?

Perhaps the most frequently asked question we are asked is, “what’s the best vacuum cleaner?” Because every vacuum is as unique as the customer who uses it, the better question is, “what’s the right vacuum cleaner for me?”

From home design and flooring, to the customer’s lifestyle, the above video offers a sneak peek into how the highly trained team at Swanson’s Discount Vacuum helps you to find the RIGHT vacuum cleaner for you.

Vacuum Tune Up Special, Only $19.95!

Vacuum Tune Up Special, Only $19.95!

Get your vacuum or shampooer cleaned and serviced for only $19.95!

That’s 50% off our normal $39.95!

Service includes complete inspection of belts, brushes, gaskets, electrical components and more. Also includes any necessary cleaning or adjustments to restore lost cleaning performance.

Offer valid through 07/07/2022. Mention offer code TUSP2022.

Perfect cleaning with just water!

The next time you’re in store, be sure to check out our full selection of E-Cloth products. Floors, stainless steel, glass, granite or more – this is an E-Cloth specially designed for your surface. And the best part: no harsh chemicals needed! Just add water and E-Cloth works!