The Element DB7000 by H-P Products power unit is for homes up to 7,500 sq ft. All Element models come with optional intake (either side) for easy installation and can be vented outside if installed inside the home. When mounted in the garage no venting is required. Element model DB7000 includes a muffler and motor sound suppression for quiet running at 62.0dB. The DB7000 models uses a large capacity disposable bag.This unit is excellent for installation inside the living area or when a disposable bag is a must. The dual chamber systems allows the bag to fill with out reducing air flow, a common problem with older designs. A permanent secondary filter protects the motor if unit is run without the bag.



Element DB7000 9515 Specifications
Sealed Vacuum Left: 158 Inches
Maximum Cubic Feet of air per Minute (CFM): 110
Maximum/Avgerage Amps: 14.8/12.1
Volts: 120
Maximum Air Watts: 601
Bag Capacity: 6 Gallons
Quietness: 62 dB