Simplicity S65P Cordless Vacuum Cleaner With 2 Batteries !


The Simplicity S65P Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is the only cleaning machine your whole home will need. Breeze through messes in any room of the house with this versatile, cord-free vacuum. The perfect combination of portable and powerful, the Simplicity S65 takes the stress out of spring cleaning (or any cleaning).

A cleaner for all floor types

No more switching cleaning instruments as you make your way from the kitchen to the living room. The Simplicity S65P Cordless Vacuum Cleaner can seamlessly transition from hard floor to carpeting and back again, never compromising suction.

The Simplicity S65P has the power to suck up even the most stubborn dirt from thick carpet fibers. At the same time, it is gentle enough to sweep up and trap all the dirt on hard floors without damaging them. Forget about setting down the vacuum to pick up a broom. The Simplicity S65P Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is your one-size-fits-all cleaning machine.

Two speeds

The Simplicity S65P Cordless Vacuum Cleaner comes with two built-in power modes. The faster mode helps clear out those extreme messes by providing more power and speed to cut through stuck on dirt and grime. No more cleaning the same area over and over again. Switch to the lower speed when you’re only doing a quick clean. This lower power mode will conserve power and lengthen the vacuum’s battery life so you can get full use out of your battery charge. Choose the mode that’s right for your current cleaning needs

Simple assembly and cleaning

If a clog or other problem is detected, the various parts of this machine can be easily detached from one another to address the problem with no guesswork and no frustration. The Simplicity S65 does not require a constant supply of expensive vacuum cleaner bags. Instead the machine can easily expel the contents of its filter into the garbage bin with an easy-to-use, one button release system. So you never have to touch the dirt. The debris goes straight from your floors, through the HEPA filtration system and right into the garbage.


The Simplicity S65 comes with different nozzles for each floor application. A lighter power nozzle for the hard floors and a firmer nozzle for the carpeted areas. A squeegee also accompanies the hard floor nozzle for a truly deep clean. No matter where in your house you’re cleaning, the Simplicity S65P can handle it, hassle-free.


  • Soft start
    The Simplicity S65P Cordless Vacuum Cleaner starts softly before ramping up to its full power. This limits wear and tear on the system, keeping your vacuum in great shape for longer and conserving the battery.
  • Molded handle grip
    Push, pull or carry the Simplicity S65P with ease. The molded handle perfectly fits the human hand, making vacuuming a comfortable experience.
  • LED headlight
    Shine a light on those dark crevices to make sure you haven’t missed any dirt. The LED headlight shines out ahead of the vacuum’s path so you don’t miss anything you wanted to suck up, or accidentally clog the vacuum with something you didn’t mean to run over.
  • Detachable battery
    The battery can be swiftly detached from the vacuum for easy charging and storage. The Simplicity S65P comes with accessory storage and a stand so the different pieces won’t end up scattered around your home but instead can all dock in one convenient location.
  • Swivel nozzle
    The Simplicity S65P maneuvers easily around tight spaces and narrow areas. The nozzle swivels effortlessly to make cleaning around furniture and cramped spaces a breeze. Avoid sliding around heavy furniture just to get a deep clean in those crevices, the swivel nozzle lets you clean around any room layout.

HEPA filtration

Tired of that “vacuum cleaner” smell? Well it’s more than just an unpleasant nuisance. Vacuums that don’t properly filter before expelling air are actually shooting dust, debris and allergens back into your breathing air.

With the Simplicity S65P Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, you’ll never have to sacrifice clean air for clean floors. Each Simplicity S65P vacuum comes with built in HEPA filtration that includes four filter stages, so you can breathe easy while you clean. The Simplicity S65 truly cleans your house, rather than simply moving dirt from one place to another.

A high-power clean

The Simplicity S65P comes with 2 Lithium Ion Batteries providing up to 50 minutes total run time so you can clean house without stopping to recharge.  the  The Simplicity S65P Cordless Vacuum Cleaner weighs less than 6 pounds and can easily be lifted and used to clean above ground areas like furniture.


Whats in the Box

What’s Included

  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Metal Wand
  • LED Carpet/Bare Floor Nozzle
  • Bare Floor Soft Nozzle
  • Pet Turbo Brush
  • Upholstery Tool
  • Angle Adapter
  • Crevice/Dusting Combo Tool
  • Two Batteries
  • Storage/Dual Charging Station
  • Storage Wall Mount